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It’s OK to Worry …but worry well

It’s OK to Worry …but worry well Company performance dips sharply and word is out about retrenchment- Worry, Will I lose my job and perks? Exams begin today-Worry, I am completely unprepared and will surely fail… This is how our Mind works. It diligently hashes over worst-case scenarios, like a new parent. The mind is […]

Take yourself more lightly

We take ourselves too seriously. This is not to make light of the social inequalities, career challenges, loss of privacy, terror threats, or climate change, that disrupt and often put our known way of life at risk. Yes, our world is turbulent to say the least and we are required to take life issues seriously […]

Redefining Meditation

Our mind is repeatedly told and hence the often-set belief that meditation is an action, something to-Do, and an action that delivers instant rewards like mind control, total bliss and a peaceful, trouble-free life forever! With such expectations, it is no wonder that students often retire early. A more relevant and receptive phrasing would be […]