Much of our happiness depends on our ability to spread happiness around us


We can so we give back

LAAF is all about boosting health and happiness and living a joy-full life. We also believe that to increase our joy we must share joy with others.

We bring Laughter and Meditation programs to

  • Centres for Special Needs Kids
  • Senior citizens homes
  • Community events
  • Government wellness initiatives.

Such interactions are Pro Bono and we do not charge any fees.

Support us

Organizations can help us bring Laughter and Meditation programs to people who need it most

  • Establish your Brand values via Social and Purpose Marketing
  • Expand your CSR activities locally or at a location of your choice

Sponsor a Program

  • 8 sessions of Laughter Yoga at Centre for Special Needs (30 minutes weekly over 2 months)
  • 30-45 minutes session at local community events

We are happy to provide Program details and costs.