Breathe – Move – Laugh – Dance – Play and…Meditate

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LAAF Wellbeing

Wellbeing matters. As individuals and as connected communities. It encompasses physical and mental health, finance and relationships, our environment, food, sleep and of course, laughter… all of which imply living a fulfilling life of dignity, purpose and joy.

Vision and Purpose

To make Laughter and Meditation accessible to everyone, so they can choose to be their Better Self and live a Fulfilling Life.

We Teach

LAAF Meditation

A less overwhelming and a more joyous practice of meditation.

Laughter Yoga

A fun exercise routine which combines movements, breathing, dance and laughter.

Deep Relaxation

Breathing, Chanting and Yoga Nidra

A combination of these vibrant techniques will help an individual achieve a positive mindset, find inner calm and balance, and cruise through the day, even amidst the dynamism and uncertainties which fill our daily lives.


Become Your Better Self

For Health & Happiness