A less overwhelming and more a joyous practise of meditation


LAAF Meditation ultimately leads you to a life of Fulfillment

The quieter you become, the more you can hear

As you meditate, you become more and more You

More you meditate, more you will act from a centre of Inner Peace

What we think, we become: what we imagine, we create

Meditate because some questions can’t be answered by Google

Meditation is a lifelong gift to yourself

LAAF Meditation is your direction signpost to a better Self

Knowing others is Wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment

We all need it

In today’s chaotic, uncertain and stressful environment, meditation is proving to be a friendly and proven solution.

Meditation is something everyone can do to improve their mental and emotional health.

Meditation contributes to overall wellbeing: emotional, psychological, intellectual and social. Though there are several levels of benefits that come over time, some are immediate. You will usually feel better after your sessions – more relaxed, more focused, more rested.

Meditation helps to

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Improve self-esteem and EQ
  • Increase intuition and focus
  • Bring harmony in life and relationships

For something which is so natural to us and so decisively beneficial, yet we struggle to learn and practice it.


Become Your Better Self

I like Meditation but, I don’t like the practice of Meditation…
If you belong to this group, then LAAF is the solution.

LAAF stands for Liberation – Awareness – Awakening – Fulfillment.

It is an amazing New meditation technique, developed by meditation Teacher Ranga after years of reflection, intellectual enquiry and self-study.

What’s New?

We call it ATM: Any Time Meditation. It is meant to appeal to non-meditators and those who tried and gave up the practice. In essence, it is less overwhelming and more a joyous practice.

How is it different from other techniques out there?

Unless in a retreat environment, most meditation sessions begin during or after a busy day. Settling down becomes a challenge and early discomfort spoils the experience. We solve this core issue of getting into the right frame of mind to begin your practice.

How is this done?

LAAF uses Laughter as a bridge to be Present in the moment and be rid of troubling thoughts you carry. This is followed by a sensory technique to quieten the wandering mind and open doors to a guided and easy passage to meditation.

What happens next?

We show how by gradually withdrawing the mind from our active senses it allows the individual to transition from the restless Monitoring state to a quieter Reflective state. This elevated awareness enables your deeper inner journey.

Any other amazing Benefit?

Yes, Life becomes better when it is fulfilling, in whatever you choose to do. Therefore, towards the end of our session, we help you set intentions which are your call to purpose-filled actions.

LAAF Meditation for Corporates


How it impacts the staff

  • Improves overall self-awareness and patience
  • Increased emotional intelligence and compassion
  • Taps into that happy, motivated, and positive state of mind
  • Boosts resilience to stress
  • Improves mental focus

How it impacts at executive level:

  • Increased focus and better decision-making skills
  • Improved stress-management capabilities
  • Better at managing work relationships
  • Improved work-life balance
  • Increased innovation and creativity

LAAF Meditation

Individual / group course


  • Commitment of 5-7 sessions, depending on entry level
  • 4-6 classes of 45 minutes duration
  • 1 review class after 4 weeks