Take yourself more lightly

We take ourselves too seriously. This is not to make light of the social inequalities, career challenges, loss of privacy, terror threats, or climate change, that disrupt and often put our known way of life at risk. Yes, our world is turbulent to say the least and we are required to take life issues seriously but, I hold the perspective that there is still much to be grateful for and to celebrate in our lives.

Laughter, the universal emotion, I find, is an easy and highly effective way to create this balance. If you’re naturally inclined to it, you most likely are deriving immense benefits and probably understand what I am saying. If you haven’t, then I urge you to try it.

The benefits of Laughter are now well documented. Research findings show that along with physical exercise, yoga, meditation and various other forms of relaxation and leisure activities, Laughter is easy, harmless, and indeed a very natural way to combat issues like stress, anxiety, hurt and depression. In opening oneself to joy, connection and a positive mindset, you are essentially alleviating negative emotions that trouble our body, mind and spirit. HaHaHa it’s all so simple

Laughter grounds you, brings you to the present; after all, you cannot laugh either in the past or future… My own journey and the exciting, fun moments that I have shared with others, across age groups, clearly demonstrate that doing Laughter as an exercise as in Laughter Yoga or practicing Laughter Meditation, gives us the much-needed release from the somber facts of life, and leaves us feeling light, joy-full, positive and emotionally connected.

So, take Life and Yourself more lightly. Watch your life move from black n white to technicolor. Laugh every day. Laugh for your sake. Even fake it till you make it.

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