It’s OK to Worry …but worry well

It’s OK to Worry …but worry well

Company performance dips sharply and word is out about retrenchment- Worry, Will I lose my job and perks? Exams begin today-Worry, I am completely unprepared and will surely fail…

This is how our Mind works. It diligently hashes over worst-case scenarios, like a new parent. The mind is hard-wired to do this, like an internal vigilante. Much of this stems from our inbuilt responses that date back to the early days of existence named as Flight-Freeze-Fight trigger within us. In a way, this is what keeps us alert and safe.

But this same trigger also tilts us to think about and worry about practically everything. It happens subconsciously, and it clouds our thinking with fear of outcomes that will impact us adversely. It pushes aside our rational thoughts and conjures up scenarios that may never occur and if they do, may not be as severe as we let ourselves imagine.

A quote I read says, “Fear is inevitable, but I cannot allow it to paralyze me”.

Another one says, “Worrying is more exhausting than work”.

You must know (and this worries me if you don’t), that all this worry is detrimental to your overall physical and mental well-being. This worrying soon manifests as Anxiety, Irritation, Nervousness and Emotional distress. It raises stress levels, erodes happiness and affects our life and relationships.

Do not let this become toxic.

Is there something called ‘good worry’? Indeed, there is. Worrying about making a good impression on future in-laws is a ‘good worry’, shapes you up but, worrying deeply about rejection and ridicule from them is ‘bad worry’. As is my worrying excessively about people not only disliking my column but fearing doomsday if rejection goes viral. I assure you I do not…but I do worry ( in a good way) about presenting my thoughts neatly and making a good impression!

I believe, within each one of us is the power to train our minds and improve the good parts. It is a life skill which can be learnt and used to combat effectively your ‘bad worries’.

Which means, beginning to harness the ‘good worries. Which means knowing which your useless worries are and how to move away from them. Every time a strong worry fails to materialize, consciously note this. Laugh over the needless attention and negativity and take a lesson. With time, you will begin to distinguish and even anticipate between good and useless worries, and where to direct your time and attention, worrying less over things that you now realize are unlikely to occur. Steadily, self-esteem and positivity are enhanced.

Accept the wisdom of life namely, knowing there are things you can change and some that you cannot. Learn to cope and improve to be your Better Self. Choose to Be Happy.

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