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Ranganath aka Ranga is a true global citizen; with an upbringing in a traditional Indian family amidst Vedic philosophy and culture and shaped by a scientific education and globetrotting adult years.

A graduate in Science (Honors) from St Stephens college Delhi, he went on to complete his Master’s in Business Management from SDA Bocconi, Milan (Cum Laude). Fluent in several Indian and international languages, his amazing career journey with leading global companies placed him in multi-cultural and multinational settings across Asia-Europe-Africa and Middle East.

The global stage schooled me in cultural harmony and also revealed the magical powers of humor and EQ in social connections.

Based in Dubai, UAE and a frequent traveler, in the two decades since he founded Magma Consultants, he has enjoyed global exposure via consulting in his passion domains of hospitality, tourism and wellness, for regional and international investors.

My Purpose

A strong believer in physical and spiritual wellbeing since his teenage days, he has been practicing Meditation for over 40 years. He has immersed himself in self-actualisation via books, discourses of Masters, Yoga, TM, Mindfulness, Heartfulness, Focus, Laughter, Buddhist and Chinese wellness forms and has completed a Yale course on The Science of Wellbeing. He teaches Laughter Yoga and Meditation at centres for special needs, community events, is an enthusiastic Speaker and actively promotes wellness at the workplace.

A free-thinker and a manifestor, Ranga birthed his Avatar:

“Like everyone else born to this world, I have been carrying my Self like…forever. We all do. Deep within, in moments of quiet, I always felt its presence however, each time my inner Self ascended, it got drowned beneath the layers of my daily existence. Over time, I learnt to align my inner self and mind with my outer worldly experiences. This awareness emphatically energised and balanced my daily life and rewarded me with what has been a fulfilling life, both professional and personal.”

Inspired by his own breakthrough moments, Ranga is now committed to sharing his insights with a wider audience. Emboldened by a vision and deep sense of purpose, he developed the LAAF Meditation practice.