Redefining Meditation

Our mind is repeatedly told and hence the often-set belief that meditation is an action, something to-Do, and an action that delivers instant rewards like mind control, total bliss and a peaceful, trouble-free life forever! With such expectations, it is no wonder that students often retire early.

A more relevant and receptive phrasing would be that, Meditation is a natural state of being for us humans, a default state that rests within each of us. But cloaked beneath our thoughts, actions and experiences. What we learn from a qualified teacher is a process which shows us how to gently withdraw and rest from our daily activities and consequently, increase the awareness of our own body and mind. With practice and over time, this learning allows the individual to transition from the busy thinker to the observer, from the active mind state to the reflective mind state. There is a method and a guided path to this, one that we ‘practice’ and Not simply Do!

When this practice is sincerely adopted and intentionally accepted, this transition occurs. The individual begins to identify with and operates from their true essence of awareness, that which allows the manifestations of positive thoughts and feelings, allowing one to be awake in all aspects of one’s life.

This understanding of meditation is essential for us to embrace it as an inherent and present Quality, a kind of mind-muscle if you so wish to call it, one that could fulfill our natural desire to a life of harmony.

So, shed your pre-set expectations and rejoice in the knowledge and guidance of this age-old wisdom. Set your intention to meditate and be consistent. At a certain point, your mind truly begins to enjoy meditation as it even ceases to be a practice and more a way of life, aware and awake.

Be yourself. Meditate for Better.

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